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The next wave in online banking is “Online Financial Management” (OFM). Southern Federal Credit Union has joined with MoneyDesktop, the premiere OFM provider, to offer our member’s the next step in financial planning and management at no charge. This new service will provide you the ability to improve your overall “Financial Well-Being”. Over 2 million American Consumers have looked to personal financial management tools or services in order to find ways to save money. With your interest in mind, our goal is to assist you in the search for financial security and strength. MoneyDesktop is directed towards making all of that possible while still receiving the same friendly, in depth, personal service you’ve always received from Southern Federal Credit Union.

Complete List of Features:

  • Automatic Account Aggregation - Consolidate all of your accounts into one website (Savings, Checking, Loans, Credit Cards, etc)
  • Simple Budgeting tools
  • Thorough Expense Tracking & Categorization
  • Automatic TXT & Email Alerts
  • Debt Elimination Tools
  • Cash-Back Online Shopping

Budget bars show you how much of your budget you’ve spent for each category you make. You may also create TXT or email alerts to notify you when you are approaching your budget.

Interactive Pie Charts allow you to see where your money is going by separating your expenses into different categorie.

MoneyDesktop can notify you via email or text message when a payment is due, when you’re getting close to your budget, etc. You customize the method, frequency, and way of notification.