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Teen MasterCard

Our Teen MasterCard program is designed to help your teen build credit, understand the importance of controlled spending, and create a responsible attitude that will prove vital in their future. Parents, Grandparents or Guardians cosign a MasterCard and set the limit they feel will best meet both their needs and the “teens” needs. Apply Now!

  • Minimum credit limit of $300
  • 24 Hour Access to account information at
  • A low 13.9% APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
  • Four ways to pay your MasterCard bill from your SFCU Savings or Checking Account – by mail with statement, by phone at 800-442-4757, by internet at, or setup an automatic payment from your credit union account by calling us at 713-232-7774.

To Report a Lost or Stolen MasterCard IMMEDIATELY Call:

In the U.S.: 800-442-4757          Outside the U.S.: 972-391-6840